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Custom Tile Contractors in Fontana, CA

Considering a bathroom renovation or looking to spruce up your kitchen with a tile backsplash? TMB Construction and Restoration, Inc. is your go-to for any tile job. Whether you’re wanting to install tile in a fresh laundry room or need an exquisite laminate flooring, we offer a plethora of options. Our reliable tile installer services, coupled with expert advice and initial consultation, make us the top choice for your flooring and renovation requirements.

As trusted general contractors in Fontana, CA and Rancho Cucamonga, we specialize in not just tiling but also fire and flood damage repair, encompassing water damage repair and restoration services. Our team of dedicated tile contractors in Fontana, CA is committed to delivering quality workmanship paired with unparalleled customer service. Contact us today for all your flooring and restoration challenges, including flood repair and water damage repair in Fontana and Rancho Cucamonga.

Tile Installation by Experienced Contractors in Fontana, CA

Tile installation requires precision and attention to detail. Due to the symmetrical and detailed nature of custom tile works, even a small mistake is immediately noticeable and can ruin the look of the entire room.

Our team of tile contractors in Fontana, CA is with you at every step of the process, from custom design to helping you choose the right materials and bringing your dream floors to life.

Custom Tile Design

One of the most exciting things about tiles is that you can express your creativity and develop a unique design. We love working with homeowners to create custom tile work in their future dream kitchen or bathroom remodeling venture.

Creative Tile Uses

While most people only consider cookie-cutter tile flooring, custom tile floors add to the room’s interior design. Along with your kitchen backsplash, why not consider marble tile work in the fireplace area, ceramic tiles around the border of a room, or using glass tiles on walls for dramatic effect.

Material Choice

While most tiles are extremely durable, it’s vital to choose tile materials that fit the room’s purpose. Heavy-duty tile floors do the job better with granite, marble, or ceramic tiles, while porcelain tile is perfect for walls and less-used areas.

Careful Execution

Nothing detracts from the look of your tile flooring or walls like a single tile out of place. TMB Construction General Contractors in Fontana, CA boast years of expertise in custom tile work, ensuring flawless design and installation every time.

Tile Flooring Repair Services

Our tile installers offer after-care to ensure your bathroom remodeling, kitchen backsplash, and any other custom tile works look great for years to come.


Porous grout absorbs dirt and moisture. Combat mildew growth on bathroom tile floors with professional sealing.


Occasional regrouting on your tile floor maintains its look while extending the lifespan of the tile flooring.


Occasional stone recaulking ensures that the edge between your bath and tile flooring stays pristine.

Tile Repair

Accidents happen, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Granite quarry tile, porcelain, and ceramic tile flooring can come loose, chip, or crack. If possible, we’ll match your tile and replace it.

Water Damage Repair

While we take care during the tile installation to seal your flooring correctly, we can also repair any water damage to your bathroom or kitchen tile floor or walls.

Why Work with Us for Custom Tile Works?

While we take care during the tile installation to seal your flooring correctly, we can also repair any water damage to your bathroom or kitchen tile floor or walls.


Our proficiency extends to offering bespoke tiling solutions for your client or house, ensuring a seamless project with minimal disruption. As experienced Flooring Contractors in Fontana, CA, we bring a high level of expertise that elevates the overall outcome.

Attention to Detail

A mismatched or misplaced tile will throw off the symmetry and look of the shower and entire floor. We take care to place every tile meticulously, giving you a perfectly even floor finish.

If you’re a business owner curious about using tile for floors or other custom tile work, give TMB Construction and Restoration, Inc. a call today for estimates!

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