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Most Common Causes of Water Damage in Fontana

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Most Common Causes of Water Damage in Fontana

Like most homeowners around the country, you may need water damage repair in Fontana as a result of aging home infrastructure or inclement weather. Our home restoration professionals at TMB Construction & Restoration want you to know that you have someone to turn to if you face any common (or uncommon) sources of intrusive water and water damage.

A Leaky Roof

Roof leaks, whether caused by storms, old roofs, damaged flashing, or clogged gutters, are frequent causes of water damage in Fontana, CA.

Condensate Line Pump or Sump Pump Failure

Your HVAC system develops condensation as part of its normal daily operation. The condensate drain line conveys this excess water out of your home and away from your foundation.

Your sewer line might also need a pump to ensure wastewater reaches the sewer line. If either pump fails, your basement could flood, prompting mold growth and structural damage.

Sewer Line Backups

If your sewer line clogs, contaminated water and waste could flow through your drains and toilets, releasing odors and toxic gases.

Flood Damage

Floods are often devastating to homeowners. The most serious floods involve black water (or Category 3 water) that contains toxins or untreated sewage.

Storm Damage

Fontana, CA, encounters its share of storms. We’ve seen many cases where windblown rain and debris batter roofs, shatter windows, and damage siding. In the most severe cases, the storms can compromise the integrity of the home, damaging interior walls, furniture, and flooring.

Fire Damage

Most people think of fire as the opposite of water, but the fastest way to keep a fire from consuming your home is to douse it in water. If your home suffered water damage as a result of efforts to extinguish a fire, consult the experts in water damage repair in Fontana, CA.

Burst Pipes

Pipes can burst for many reasons, and each presents its own challenges for plumbing repair and water damage restoration.

  • Ice can expand within a pipe, bursting it from the inside
  • Clogs cause water pressure to increase within pipes, causing pipes to burst at junctions or other weak points
  • Roots from trees near your home can break into exterior water and sewer lines, causing extensive damage
  • Outdated pipes consisting of materials like cast iron can rust and develop leaks as they age

Damaged Water Heaters

Water heater tank damage or faulty seals can trigger water leaks near your water heater. 

Reclaim Your Home with TMB Construction & Restoration in Fontana, CA

At TMB Construction & Restoration, we strive to restore our customers’ peace of mind and ability to enjoy their homes. We will work with your insurance company to make the claim process go smoothly. When you need reliable water damage repair in Fontana, CA, call our team at (909) 380-4494.